Ministry Profile

Brief Background

The Ministry of Planning was established in 1998 as a directorate and Puntland Bank system. In August 2001 the Ministry has been structured and changed the previous name into the Ministry of Planning and International cooperation instead of directorate, in 2003-2005 the Ministry was renamed as the Ministry of Planning and statistics, then in 2006 it was named again as the Ministry of planning and International cooperation.


An efficient national institution for sustained and balanced socio-economic growth and development through sound planning, program monitoring, strategic cooperation and partnership


The vision of MoPIC is to build up its capacity to plan and efficiently facilitate national development for the Puntland people to achieve a well managed and sustainable socio-economic development.


To play a pivotal role in attaining and sustaining high socio-economic development enhancing partnerships, promoting the effective use of international and national resources.


National objective of MoPIC

  • Development of a flourishing national economy that is open to regional and international markets
  • Promotion of good governance enabling central and local government bodies to became financially stable, transparent and accountable
  • Ensuring Puntland is a safe and appropriate place for current and future generations
  • Provision of appropriate infrastructure and efficient facilities with high returns

Institutional objectives of MoPIC

  • Maximize the benefits from foreign assistance (grants, soft loans and technical assistance) to finance programmes and projects in a transparent and effective management
  • Develop appropriate methodologies and planning tools to prepare, follow up and assess developmental programmes and projects
  • Enhance competitiveness of the national economy
  • Support local development efforts
  • Strengthen and intensify relations with partners and stakeholders
  • Improve individual efficiency and development of institutional performance


Team work, planned development and improvement, commitment and loyalty, transparence and impartiality, initiative and learning, dedication, honesty and hard work

Aid Coordinator Management

Puntland State of Somalia Aid Policy sets out clear objectives and goals to make aid more effective and ensure that aid has maximum positive impact on economic development and poverty reduction. The Policy calls on Puntland’s donors to ensure partnership alignment, harmonization and ownership in the final developmental process of national prioritization, simplify procedures, and enhance local ownership of development activities. The priorities of the State have been explicitly outlined in Puntland Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) and its subsequent Annual operational Plans. The first of such operational plans has been published and distributed to all stakeholders.