Administration and Finance


Overall Mandate:

Administrative management of the ministry and provision of internal services; administrative control of regional and district offices

Key Functions of Department and Sections

Department Management

  1. Advising DG and Minister in managerial general topics of MoPI
  2. Supervising the Sections of the department
  3. Developing monthly work plan of the Admin and Finance departmen
  4. Following up and facilitating the work progress of the ministry’s department
  5. Closely liaise with MoF in all financial aspects of international aid financing (grants and loans agreements, re-raising loans and interest values.).
  6. Reviewing financing agreements drafts to give professional opinion for decision making
  7. Participating in the preparation of the annual budget law
  8. Prepare legal formulation of administrative decisions, contracts and agreements relating to the business of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation.
  9. Providing legal consultation for the ministry’s directorates and sections when requested and showing the gaps in effective laws, systems and instructions.
  10. Signing managerial official documents of MoPIC
  11. Head of HR Section

Finance Section

  1. Ensure that an efficient, effective and transparent financial systems are in place
  2. Ensure proper use of the Budget (budget control)
  3. Handling daily accounting activities
  4. Preparing staff monthly salary
  5. Filing the vouchers of staff salary payments
  6. Receive/spend payments by cash, cheques, and phone-electronic-banking
  7. Cashier; Handling all the cash transaction of the ministry, and maintaining daily cash accounts
  8. Keep and develop the central accounts of the ministry
  9. Monitoring of the Ministry’s bank accounts and making bank reconciliation on monthly basis
  10. Prepare quarterly and annually financial reports
  11. Prepare quarterly and yearly closure of accounts
  12. Prepare quarterly financial projections
  13. Prepare the draft overall budget of the Ministry and its affiliated offices in the regions
  14. Formal preparation of the ministries final accounting
  15. Manage and process finance and administration related data and documents

HR Section

  1. Develop and review HR policies
  2. Plan short and long term manpower requirements for the Ministry, vacant positions and staffing needs
  3. Creating and upgrading the Job descriptions
  4. Contracting of staff
  5. Employees basic data and contracts
  6. HRM: Administration and keeping of HR files (holidays, vacancies, sick leave, other absence, dismissals, pensioning, rewards, disciplinary actions etc)
  7. Taking and keeping attendance records on daily bases
  8. Preparation and control of Payroll of the Ministry’s staff
  9. Determination and computation of salaries and bonuses; information of financial section
  10. Ensure health and safety of staff and security of facilities
  11. Explaining responsibilities for new employees
  12. Giving suggestions on how to motivate employees
  13. HRD (Trainings): Training Plan, Design/manuals, M&E of training, training certificates
  14. Procurement of trainers, training facilities etc.
  15. Support and oversee internship programs
  16. Organizing annual employees meeting
  17. Prepare monthly, quarterly HR annual reports

ICT Section

  1. Planning of the ministries ICT development and participation in ministerial and governmental technical committees and MoICT
  2. Planning specific ICT for own and aid financed projects
  3. Preparing the ICT Budget of the ministry
  4. Procurement of hardware and all basic software
  5. Operation of all central system
  6. Maintains the ministry’s servers, computers, and overall ICT
  7. Customization of all IT programs and applications for the use of the ministry
  8. Data base administration, backup / resore systems
  9. Electronic knowledges systems
  10. Builds and maintains local area network (LAN) and ministry intranet
  11. Administration of the ministry’s internet portal and e-mail structures.
  12. Assigning of e-mail accounts and the access to the ministry systems
  13. Taking care of the ICT of the regional offices and its network capacities
  14. Organizing staff training in basic IT knowledge (coordinates with HR section)

Internal Services Section

  1. Receipt and storage of all incoming/outgoing official correspondence to/from The Ministry, Filing, Archiving, preparing follow-up periodic reports, by using the Automated e-dewan Archiving System.
  2. Prepare Ministry’s procurement plan
  3. Clearance of all procurements on request of ministry departments
  4. Procurement and administration of office furniture, non-ICT technology, stationery
  5. Managing ministry’s warehouse
  6. Copying and printing
  7. Ensure the provision of water, electricity, telephone and the internet services
  8. Garage services (Vehicles, Drivers, Car Maintenance)
  9. Internal services Guards, Cleaners, Janitors, Messengers (mail services)
  10. Maintenance and registration of the current and fixed assets of the Ministry
  11. Observing overall security conditions of the ministry buildings

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