Aid Coordination

Overall Mandate:

To support the minister in all aspects of aid coordination, agencies and NGOs registration, and 5 PSG work groups. Improve the effectiveness of aid delivery in Puntland in order to secure maximum dividends for the population of Puntland through the progressive implementation of the Puntland Aid Strategy, which provides the overall framework for aligning donor funding with the Government’s priorities (5YDP). Improve aid transparency and expectedness, strengthening ownership of aid operations. Finally, oversight the implementation of the project in the regional. Facilitating visas for international staff of INGOs and agencies.

Aid Coordination Organigram:




Key Functions of Department and Sections: 

  • Advising DG and Minister in general tropics of aid coordination
  • Heading the aid coordination section
  • Supervising the Sections of the department
  • Ensuring the functioning of the sections of the department
  • Crosscheck of all agreements with donors and formal signature of related documents prepared by the sections
  • Organizing tripartite meeting MoPIC, Donor, and the NGO/Agency (implementers)
  • Assigning a  focal point for the program/project
  • Control the budget and safeguard against project funds and assets misuse from the government side and INGO,UN,LNGOs


  • Provide information on the NGO law to both local and international NGOs seeking to operate in Puntland
  • Registering NGOs established under the NGO law
  • Make initial assessment of application to verify that all documentation has been submitted as required
  • Establish and ensure appropriate filling system
  • Review and, if necessary, adapt application forms for standardized registration process
  • Receive, review the applications for registration
  • In consultation with head of department and the director general approve registration of applicants who have complied with all legal requirements
  • In consultation with head of department issue a registration certificate
  • In case of denial of registration, issue a written explanation of the reasons for denial to the applicant.


  • Ensure the implementation of Puntland NGOs act
  • Assist local NGOs to facilitate their work in Puntland
  • Coordinate to avoid projects overlapping and duplications
  • Check if the proposed project/programs are aligned with 2nd 5YDP and Puntland Aid Policy, and request for amendments if needed.
  • To review the end of year reports submitted by LNGOs and make recommendations
  • In cooperation with other departments monitor and evaluate the performance and the progress of programs and projects for LNGOs
  • Work closely with NGOs umbrella organizations
  • Recognize and reward LNGOs for their performance
  • Review plans proposed by international NGOs
  • Coordinate international funding missions for Puntland
  • Avoid projects overlapping and duplications
  • Provide policy guidelines to NGOs and ensure alignment of their activities to overall Puntland development priorities.
  • Coordinating activities and facilitating cooperation among INGOs, regional administrations, districts, line ministries and other institutions to establish effective collaboration among all actors.
  • Support achievement of INGOs; protect their assets in order to safeguard the smooth flow of INGO programs in accordance with joint agreements reached
  • Selecting the appropriate geographical area/s, of operation for INGOs, based on established needs of districts and regions and in accordance with the national development plan in order to balance community development in consultation with the concerned organization
  • To oversee the compliance of INGOs with their constitutions.
  • Coordinating activities and facilitating cooperation among NGOs, regional administrations, districts, partner ministries and other institutions to establish effective collaboration among all actors.
  • Recognize and reward INGOs for their performance


  • Provide the support for building the institutional capacities of the work groups, in order for them to prepare the draft documents of the sectors.
  • Coordinate M&E and communication activities, including through the establishment and management of a dedicated website
  • Facilitate common reporting in adherence to common reporting standards on the activities of the 5 PSG work groups.
  • Follow-up on aid pledges and aid delivery commitments made in the compact as part of an agreed code of conduct;
  • Liaise between MoPIC and the5 PSG work groups, relevant Government institutions and agencies involved in the delivery and implementation of the compact, including the regional administrations
  • Monitor implementation of decisions taken by the PSG work groups and follow-up to ensure compliance
  • Monitor the delivery of strategic priorities as set out in the compact
  • Prepare periodic progress reports on the implementation of the compact for approval by the PSG work groups or other report as requested by the PSG work groups


  • Coordinate all UN activities –projects and programs in Puntland maintain UN database
  • Avoid projects and programs overlapping and duplication
  • Check whether the UN projects and programs are aligned with Puntland 5YDP and Puntland Aid Policy and ask for amendments if needed
  • Participate review meetings for projects and programs implemented by UN agencies in Puntland
  • Acting as a communication conduit between the Government and the UN agencies
  • Promote cooperation and coordination among all government institutions who deal with UN agencies
  • To facilitate better dialogue and consultation between the government and UN agencies and promote collaboration between them
  • To carry out all other duties assigned to him by the director of department or the director general