Monitoring and Evaluation

M & E Department

Overall Mandate:

Support the minister in all aspects of monitoring and evaluation standards and knowledge base. Conducting M&E for projects and providing support to the project

Key Functions of Department and Sections

Department Management

  1. Advising DG and Minister in general tropics of M&E
  2. Supervising the Sections of the department
  3. Ensuring the functioning of the sections of the department
  4. Applying M&E activities for the plans implemented by MoPIC
  5. Head of the M&E Standards Section

M&E Standards and Knowledge Base Section

  1. Participate in preparing the developmental M&E Policy  and  Guidelines.
  2. Compile evaluation studies of the 5YDP and other overall plans,
  3. Conduct 4 year MICS
  4. Establishing M&E Policy Endorsement
  5. Reviewing M&E report
  6. Collect M&E methodical concepts and reports from MoPIC and all government ministries and agencies
  7. Collect methodological material and report samples from other sources as far as available
  8. Create, maintain and make available a M&E methodology and results database
  9. Advise MoPIC, other ministries and international experts on methodology and expectations

M&E Projects and Project support Section

  1. Determine work plan, priorities and budget for M&E projects
  2. Accompany and support M&E projects led by international institutions
  3. Crosscheck and agreement on individual M&E project proposals
  4. Assign budgets to individual M&E projects
  5. Agree on staffing for M&E Projects
  6. Calibrating the amount of projects to fit the capacity of the appointed institution
  7. Approve / adopt results of M&E projects
  8. Conduct joint monitoring
  9. Conduct mid term evaluation for the PD agenda
  10. Prepare quarterly progress reports of the ongoing programs and projects.
  11. Continuous staff training in M&E topics