Overall Mandate:

Support the minister in all aspects of national planning, governmental planning coordination. Handling the media and communication to the public.

Key Functions of Department and Sections

Department Management

  1. Advising DG and Minister in general tropics of national policy making
  2. Supervising the Sections of the department
  3. Ensuring the functioning of the sections of the department
  4. Crosscheck of all governmental plans
  5. Following up  on the planning process
  6. Head of the National Planning and 5 year plan section

National Planning, 5YP Section

  1. Formulating and updating general development strategy and strategic vision for Puntland
  2. Elaboration and formulation of the national 5YDP
  3. Formulating periodical plans
  4. Preparing strategic plans
  5. Producing the ministry’s annual plan
  6. Prepare Puntland Development Agenda
  7. Research and identify Puntland socio-economic development needs
  8. Participate in forming the macroeconomic and social indicators, specify the results targeted.
  9. Prepare the methodology for identifying the future socio-economic vision, through revising and updating the PD agenda
  10. Propose solutions and policies for escalating development sectors
  11. Prepare and edit other planning related documents of the ministry
  12. Work closely with M&E Department on assessing the socio-economic projects. Performance
  13. Participating in abroad trainings

Government Coordination (Mirroring) Section

  1. Determine the coordination machanism with ministries ad draft / update respective guidelines
  2. Coordinating government planning I: Economic Cluster (MoF, MoPW, MoAvi, MoPorts, MoTourism,  MoCI, MoLY)
  3. Coordinating Government Planning II: Agricultural Cluster (MoLivest, MoFish, MoAgri)
  4. Coordinating Government Planning III: Humanitarian Cluster (MoEdu, MoH, MoWF)
  5. Coordinating Government Planning IV: Law and Security Cluster (MoJ, MoI, MoS, MoConst)
  6. Organizing tripartite meeting, with the line governmental institution, MoPIC, and implementing agency
  7. Develop close working relationships with all project participants and stakeholders including the primary stakeholders, line departments, private sector and NGOs

Media and Communication Section

  1. Coordination of development related publications and media appearences
  2. Corporate design of the ministry
  3. Overseeing technical production of all media of the ministry; procurement of related services
  4. Editing the ministerial website
  5. Daily / weekly media articles compilation for ministry top level and department heads
  6. Relation to the media
  7. Support of the ministry top level in media appearances and other PR events
  8. Arranging protocols for visiting dignitaries and other key figures to the country