Overall Mandate:

Support the minister in all aspects of statistics policies and standard. Data collection and entries, and safeguarding all the statistical resources and studies.

Key Functions of Department and Sections

Department Management

  1. Advising DG and Minister in general topics of statistics
  2. Supervising the Sections of the department
  3. Ensuring the functiuoning of the sections of the department
  4. Formation of the different work groups, setting up their work frame and the timeframe for completion.
  5. Head of the Statistics Policies and Standards Section

Statistics Policies and Standard Section

  1. Develop and update regularly  a general program for Puntland official statistics
  2. Develop yearly statistics strategic plan
  3. Ensure statistical standards for statistics in all Puntland Ministries and Agencies
  4. Collecting information on Puntland needs for aids, and external economic support, and prepare analytical studies in this topic.
  5. Build a data base for the indicators of the PD agenda and publish follow up and analysis reports.
  6. Set up a database for the sectorial indicators that will help learn about  the development of the sector
  7. Analytical studies at request of the government

Data Collection and Entries Section

  1. Regular collection and elaboration of consumer price data
  2. Regular collection and elaboration of Puntland exchange rates data
  3. Support the Puntland population census (cooperation with MoI)
  4. Do other own statistical work and data collection at demand
  5. Organize data collection, data entries and data base structures for projects conducted by external Experts
  6. Provide collection schemes and questionnaires / forms
  7. Provide data entering and ensure quality of the data
  8. Sending Date to external experts for further procedure
  9. Lead and supervise local data collectors; train staff, form teams and control quality

Statistical Resources (DB, Publications) Section

  1. Develop and operate a Puntland statistics database
  2. Prepare Puntland facts and figures booklet
  3. Contribute to analytical work of the department and other government institutions
  4. Provide statistical information on demand
  5. Contribute to the MoPIC web portal (basic set of Puntland statistics)
  6. Collect and archive all statistics material from Puntland sources
  7. Collect and archive methodological material and international statistics sources

Remote Data Collection staff / teams

  1. Participate in information and trainings on data collection
  2. Collect basic data
  3. ensure quality of data
  4. transmit data to the data collection and entries section


Puntland’s Consumer Price Index & Exchange Rate Regime (CPI) 

Updated Report July, 2015

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