Mid Year review meeting hosted at the ministry of planning_Garowe

UN and International NGO mid-year review meeting regarding the milestones  in 2011 came to an end just recently. This meeting is one of the many conducted under the coordination of the ministry of planning and International Cooperation.









The main point of discussion was the achievements in the last 6 months, plans for the coming 6 months, challenges faced and way forward towards improving situations for efficient implementation of programs/projects.


To open doors for good working relationship and promote transparency and accountability the Director General, Mr. Faisal Said Mussa  gave directives to all International Organisations to give the following points utmost consideration:-

  1. MoPIC should be involved in the selection process of appropriate Local NGOs  to implement projects and be witness party to any contract agreements signed between the two parties (International Organisations and Local NGOs).
  2. Any assessment should be done in consultation with the MoPIC.
  3.  International organizations should also give considerations to settlements in the remote areas in order to cushion problems faced by them.
  4.  Programs/projects should always be aligned to the national priorities and needs.
   Source MoPIC  Web-site