Puntland Aid report 2017

Puntland Aid Coordination Annual Report 2017

Aid Coordination Annual Report 2017


This is the first annual aid coordination report in Puntland. The main objective of the report is to provide accurate and up-to-date information on aid flows in Puntland by 2017. It also aimed at mapping aid in order to coordinate better on aid assistance in Puntland. The report is based on desk work of relevant materials on aid coordination in Somalia or Puntland. The report uses both quantitative and qualitative data in order to capture comprehensive information. The aid database at MoPIC was the main source of information included in the report. Interviews with key directors, the UN Annual Program Plan in Puntland by 2017 and the organization of dedicated workshops were among the approaches employed by the report. The main findings of the report are as follows: Somalia emerges in the top of aid recipient countries in the world. It has received 1.3 billion USD in 2016. In Somalia, from 2014 to 2017, both humanitarian and development aid were above 0.6 billion except humanitarian assistance in 2015 which was slight below this figure. Regarding data reported to the aid database at MoPIC, 36 donors funded a number of projects/programs that were implemented in Puntland by 2017. Various programs costing a total of USD 141,303,773.55 were executed by 14 UN agencies in Puntland by 2017 and 50.63% of this cost was managed by WPF. According to the aid database at MoPIC, 14 INGOs and one LNGO that receive direct funding from donors managed a number of projects that costed USD 59,361,299.02. It was also noted that contribution of INGOs is not limited only to the above figures, but there were also some projects implemented by INGOs whose data has not been captured in the report.

In 2017, the amount that was contributed by development partners was 21.6% higher than the budget of the first year of Puntland Development Plan in. It is unclear how that amount effectively supported the State’s development plan. However, some sectors in the development plan including social and livelihood were significantly supported as illustrated in the sector analysis section. Although there was limited data, the report found out that all regions in Puntland have received aid assistance. Nugal, Mudug and Bari are the highest aid recipient regions in Puntland according to a number of projects that are implemented in these regions. The main achievements of the report include the development of an aid policy, enacted NGOs act and the establishment of the Aid Coordination Department at MoPIC. The setting up of the Puntand Development Forum (PDF) and the development of the revised three-year Puntland Development Plan that is in line with the Somalia National Development Plan are among the main achievements.

Finally, the report recommends redesigning the database, harmonizing efforts done by aid coordination partners, and strengthening M&E and Planning capacity towards aid coordination effectiveness. Capacity building, holding aid coordination meetings and civil society engagement in aid development activities are among key recommendations of this report.

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