News Press Release

Puntland Development Forum (PDF) Justice Sector Working Group (SWG) meeting

On 7th May 2017, second Sector Working Group (SWG) meeting on Justice was held in Garowe, at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation – Puntland (MOPIC). The Meeting was officially opened by the MoPIC Deputy Minister Hon Said Farah Mohamud, and Director General of Ministry of Justice Mr. Mohamed Ali Farah, it was fruitful and interactive meeting.  This was the second of series of Sector Work Group meetings that will happen in Puntland. The upcoming other Four Development Sectors are Governance, Security, Livelihood and Social.

The development sectors are based on the Revised Puntland Development Plan (2017-2019) aligned with the Somali Federal Government National Development Plan (NDP) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To better coordinate MoPIC developed, in all-inclusive process, an aid coordination mechanism called Puntland Development Forum (PDF), which was endorsed in October 2015. It presents the necessary aid coordination architecture.

Meeting Outcome

  • Meeting agenda was agreed
  • Terms of References reviewed and members requested to make comments for this week, then later to endorse on 15th May 2017
  • Six Months Meeting Calendar presented, discussed and finally endorsed
  • Group Norms and Conduct agreed including – Punctuality and avoidance of new faces and presence of decision makers in all meetings.
  • Membership of the SWG listed and agreed
  • Lead Ministry to be the Ministry of Justice while the lead agency will be UNDP.
  • Each counterpart presented their ongoing programs/projects to ensure the avoidance of duplication and overlapping of programs/projects.
  • MoPIC to play the secretariat role until the Sector Working Group secretariat is formed
  • To contribute to the overall coordination function of MoPIC through communication and information sharing
  • Next Justice SWG meeting to take place at the Ministry of Justice on 4th June 2017

The overall objective of the meeting was to facilitate Sector Working Group (SWG) and Sub-Sector Working Group (SWG) meetings to strengthen their collaboration to furthering the aims and objectives of the Justice Sector Working Group (SWG) to realize the priorities of the Justice Sector in the Revised Puntland Development Plan (2017-2019).

List of Institutions Participated

Puntland Government of Somalia

  1. Ministry of Justice, Religious Affairs and Rehabilitation
  2. Ministry of Security and DDR
  3. Ministry of Women, Development and Family Affairs
  4. Ministry of Information
  5. Ministry of Interior
  6. PSU Legal Aid
  7. Commander of Custodial Corps
  8. State Lawyer

Civil Society Organization

  1. Puntland Non-State Actors

Private Sector

  1. Puntland Chamber of Commerce

UN, Development Partners and INGOs

  2. UNDP
  4. IOM
  5. UNHCR
  6. Somalia NGO Consortium Coordinator


List of Invited Absentees

  1. UNODC
  2. Save the Children
  3. Islamic Relief