Puntland Five-Year Development Plan 2007 – 2011

On 15 June 2005, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MOPIC) undertook the preliminary initiative for preparing the government’s policy guidelines, to be adopted as the base for formulating the FYDP on behalf of the government. Given the paramount importance of this work, the MOPIC then appointed a Technical Unit (TU), comprising key Somali and diaspora experts, selected on the basis of their fi elds of specialisation, to complete the whole process. Consultative workshops were organized, where all relevant stakeholders were invited with the aim of creating a sense of ownership and inclusiveness. In addition, UNDP also deployed technical experts to participate in the editing and the fi nalisation of the plan. Subsequently, on 26 June 2005, the government of Puntland launched its Five Year Development Plan (FYDP) in the fi rst consultative workshop, presenting the government’s policy and commitment paper at the opening session of the project, bearing in mind the notion of primacy of politics over development. The fi rst consultative workshop, held in Garowe, saw the participation of the President of PSS, Cabinet Ministers, members of the PSS parliament, and numerous representatives from the private sector, civil society, local non-governmental organizations (LNGOs), UN, and other international organizations, among other groups. The overall purpose of the workshop was to discuss the government development policies and strategies, as well as to identify available data, and the draft formats for sectoral and sub-sectoral allocations and working groups.

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