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Vacancy: Head of Social Statistics Section

Directorate/Department: Department of Statistics

Assignment Location: Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Garowe

Reports to: Director of Statistics


To strengthen the statistical system in Puntland the ministry is willing to fill the existing data and information gap that led Puntland to a major drawback in planning, the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation is hiring a Head of Social Statistics Section. The post holder will directly report to the director of statistics department. Frequent interaction with other team members and with line ministers and professionals expected as well as project managers and Planning experts. This position is located at the Puntland Ministry of planning and International Cooperation, in Garowe.

Main Tasks and responsibilities

  • Oversee social statistics of the department of statistics including the population, elections,

health care, living conditions, social security, legal relations, culture and education.

  • Administer and conduct social statistics analysis valuable to the performance of public and private sectors
  • Review social and demographic principles in the light of statistical analysis.
  • Improving the quality of social statistical data used by public and private sectors for policy guidelines
  • Forecast social activities and statistical variables.
  • Provide professional guidance in the development and review of methods of surveying, collecting, and processing social statistical data, presentation and analysis of social statistics results.
  • Provide professional guidance on the adequacy and use of national social statistics
  • Improve the scope, coherence, and integration of social statistics to enhance the value of official statistics
  • Review and solving shortcomings in the concepts, sources, and methods used in official social statistics
  • Improve the efficiency and cost of social data collection
  • Promote public confidence in social statistics
  • Perform and improve social statistical analysis, dissemination data and analytical results
  • Provide consultation and support services on social statistical matters to various government departments

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