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Vacancy: Planning Advisor, NAO Focal Point

A. General Information
Report to Director General, Puntland Ministry of Planning MoPIED/NAO:  through  submission  of  a  monthly  report  of activities and timesheet per format provided
Institution Puntland Ministry of Planning, Economic Development and International Cooperation
Expected Duration of assignment 1 year
B. Description of the Position
The focal point will be established within Puntland ministry of planning. Support to the operations of these focal points will be provided through the NAO Multi Annual Programme Estimate 2017-2021.


Apart from their role facilitating ongoing EU projects, the project officers will support the NDP9 consultation process at FMS level. The Project officer will be responsible for the day to day management of the programmes’ activities or its ongoing technical issues, which remain the prime responsibility of the technical FMS line ministries, implementing bodies and programme management..


The planning officers will operate under the responsibility of their respective FMS Ministry of Planning and acts as focal point for the coordination and facilitation of EU projects in their FMS.

C. Duties and Responsibilities
The Planning officer will have the following duties:

1.     organise and/or attend   project   facilitation and   coordination meetings in their areas Organise

2.     participate  in  project  steering  committees  as  observers  and  periodically  report  on  the progress of the project to the management of the FMS Ministry of Planning.

3.     Organise visibility activities

4.     Facilitate, whenever needed, cooperation between actors within the State.

D. Specific Duties
Support and Supervision


·       Follow NIP financed projects and programmes, in the FMS.

·       Support implementation where required, report regularly to management of the ministry on coordination issues occurring amongst the projects and respond to specific requests.


Programming and process management


·       Organisation of projects meetings and special events, including project launches, groundbreaking or handover ceremonies, etc in coordination with MoPIED/NAO

·       Facilitation of site visits

·       Attend project meetings, including technical meetings and project steering meetings