UNDP high level delegates visit Puntland

High level UNDP delegates visited Garowe- capital city of the Puntland State- to mark the  start of a consultative discussion on governance. The delegates set meeting with key government institutions to discuss on the existing gaps, get suggestions on areas that need improvement and get to know challenges faced by the government in the process of making steps towards development.



The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and Chaired by Hon.  Da’ud Mohamed Omar –Minister of Planning and International Cooperation  ,

The Meeting Agenda was about the Five Years Development Plan of Puntland That UNDP was Implementing in Puntland ,

Same of of the key Meeting agenda were Fallows

  1. Achievements
  2. Challenges
  3. Key Priority

The delegates consisted 23 members in clouding high ranking officers from UNDP the delegation visited the presidential palace while they met with the senior government officials of Puntland like the vice president Gen:Abdi Samad Ali Shire .

Minister of Planning Hon:Dr Da’ud Mohamed Omar Gave abrade information regarding the priority needs of the Government of Puntland State and the DONORS to Support the needs of the government


The minister of MoPIC highlighted that they need to be supported in and assisted in IDPs,fight against Piracy ,The General Security situation of the region ,and the war against terrorist